Which one of us would take the repair call?

Last week, the hot new girl in our neighborhood called to have her furnace looked at and taken care of, then she had just bought the beach house and wanted to make sure the old furnace was in fantastic enough condition before she turned it on.

  • The Heating and Air Conditioning dealer that worked for our supplier, was the a single who went out and did the inspection on this house.

He had inspected the old furnace, the a/c unit, and all of the ductwork. He told her she needed to have the furnace cleaned and took care of before could be turned on. When he came back to the office, he told us about this honestly foxy woman that had moved in to the house. He told her she was single, and if he wasn’t married, then he would be the first a single knocking at her door to do the Heating and Air Conditioning service. There were a lot of us in the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier who were single, and all of us ran over to the dispatcher to get that repair call. She tossed a coin in the air and called heads or tails. Two of us chose heads and several chose tails, so it came down to 1 single more toss of the coin. I chose heads, which left tails, for our coworker. I felt crestfallen when our coworker won the toss. I wasn’t so frustrated when he came back to explain about this charming woman. He told us she was in her 50s, and but she was still quite pretty, it wasn’t worth winning the toss for. The owner of the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier, who was also one of the Heating and Air Conditioning techs, started laughing when our coworker walked away. He said he would gamble that Heating and Air Conditioning tech was going on a date with the young woman, because she was no older than twenty five.


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