Why is it so cold in the store I frequent?

I’ve often wondered what the temperature is in many of the retail stores that I visit.

  • One big box store in particular that I visit nearly every week always seems to be frigid, no matter the time of day or the season.

I wonder what their reasoning is for practically trying to freeze everybody out. I know I’m not the only one who thinks that it’s too cold in the store, because I’ve struck up casual conversations with other customers before who feel the same way. I also notice customers coming into the store with jackets even in the middle of the summer. There are other stores in my town that seem to have the opposite problem. They always seem too hot. There’s a little bakery I frequent for fresh baked bread and pastries. It’s always very warm in that shop. Granted, they’ve got ovens running around the clock and the door is constantly jingling open and shut, letting the heat in from the outside. I’m pretty sure the bakery has less control over the excessive warmth in their shop than the big box store does, though. I’m not sure what demographic the managers who keep the temperature so low in this store are trying to appeal to, but it ain’t me! I’ve pretty much just resigned myself to wearing an extra layer whenever I go into the store. As much as I complain about the temperature, the prices are amazingly low for quality goods, so I’ll keep coming!

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