Why is the air from the a/c so hot?

When I know of air conditioners, I do not know of warm air. So why is the air that is coming out of my a/c so hot? This is something that I have been experiencing recently where instead of having appealing cool air that I normally get to enjoy, I have been having to deal with warm air coming from my a/c, and i do not care about having warm air coming from my A/C system. So naturally the only real thing to do in a situation like this was to go and call the local heating and A/C business… The local heating and A/C business will be able to send a heating and A/C worker out to take a look at my a/c to see what the concern was. I was hoping that whatever the issue was with my a/c that it wouldn’t be a concern that was too bad. I was sad about having to spend money on fancy service fees, and that was something I absolutely couldn’t afford right now and I did not want to have to worry about doing fancy repairs. Thankfully when the heating and A/C worker came out to my household she assured me that the repair was simple and wouldn’t take legitimately long at all! She said that the cause of the indoor a/c producing warm air instead of cool air was a lack of freon in the a/c, then all she had to do is refill it with more Freon and once she did that it was enjoyable to go. I was so glad to see that when I turned the a/c on again that I had appealing chilly air that came blasting out of my a/c. That was easily one of the best days of sleep I ever got thanks to the cool air.


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