Why you should change your HEPA filters frequently

Let me tell you why it is pressing to always change out your HEPA filters.

As you might imagine, your heating and A/C filters are going to wear down with time. The best way to avoid them from wearing down and working less effectively is to routinely changed them. Most people do this with a disposable air filter however what about a HEPA filter? While HEPA filters may be particularally designed to catch the smallest pieces of bacteria and air particles and keep your indoor air conditions clean. However, savor with anything these filters do in time get dirty. As they get dirty and they start to wear down over the years they’re going to perform less and less. When they wear away they would eventually start allowing more dirt and bacteria into your home. That is definitely not something you want! So it is advisable to change out your HEPA filters too. I had to learn this lesson the difficult way after I went a long phase of time without increasing my air filters at all. I was confused for a while because my indoor air conditions had to be so good, for a while it was an excellent condition even though I noticed that it’s difficult to gradually declined until I realized that I was sneezing again. I had always had a problem with pollen irritations until I got the HEPA filter. When I took out the filter to be checked I certainly saw how dirty and worn it was from not being changed. Now I change my filters always and I have not had any complications since.

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