Working remotely

I feel that I am a pretty lucky person being able to work from home like I do.

Most people have to go out to a job and deal with traffic on the road, gas costs along with having to generally deal with other people, which I am not a fan of. But I got lucky and was able to get a job working for a local heating and air conditioning company in their customer service department. What my job entails is taking calls from various customers and potential customers to set up times for the certified heating and air conditioning specialists to come out to their homes and either repair their central heat and a/c units or install brand new and up to date central heating and cooling systems. The job can get a bit overwhelming on a busy day and it sometimes gets repetitive and boring, but the pay is enough to live on and I can work from the comfort of my own home! Also there were a few perks that came with the job. One being that I got a free smart thermostat from them. Which this is helpful to my own heating and air conditioning needs. The other perk is that if I ever have a heat and a/c breakdown, I can call this heating and air conditioning company and get a 20 percent discount on any HVAC home services I need. This also goes for heat and a/c tune up and check ups. All around like I mentioned, I feel very lucky to have landed such a great work from home job.


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