Yoga in the Warm Sun is A Good Time

I normally do yoga in my flat each morning, but this month is such a nice warm and sunny day that I assume I am going to do it outside near the sea.

  • I am still running my central heat even though this month is going to be 71F.

It is still quite cold here due to the fact that this flat doesn’t get much sunshine and is truly well insulated. It’s great in the summers because occasionally I hardly have to run the air conditioner at all because the locale stays so cool from the evening before. Yeah, so this month I’ll take my yoga mat and hit the beach at noon and do my yoga out in nature by the calm sea. I don’t need to use my air cleaner much here because the air quality is so great outside as all of us don’t have any buses or taxis polluting the air. The two of us do have one bus but it is electric so all of us don’t hear it or aroma it. I had to buy the air cleaner when I was living in the last town I was in because the pollution was so bad. The two of us lived on a corner and every time the buses took off the whole flat would aroma like engine exhaust. I absolutely lost five years off of my lifespan from living there for a couple of years. Where I live now I have a HEPA filter in my central heating unit so I entirely don’t need the air cleaner. Maybe I’ll drop it online and see if I can sell it.