You can even get fast food through meal delivery services.

The pandemic was a typical modern experience for close to everyone in the world. Unless you happened to be 100 years old, there was no way you lived through the flu pandemic that caused the global deaths of over 2 million people. When the Covid pandemic began, every one of us were all at a loss about what to do going forward. Both my wife and I hunkered down in our homes plus waited for someone to tell us it was safe. The societal safety beacon never went on, but every one of us adapted to deal with our sticky modern situation. Since pizzerias couldn’t have people inside, they were offering meal delivery service for all their clients. Meal delivery services were able to be done without any physical contact whatsoever. You paid with card when you put in the order. The meal delivery driver would knock on your door or ring the doorbell, then sit at the curb to make sure you had your food. It was nice to guess I didn’t need to leave our house, although I could still order our favorite foods from the local pizzerias. Then, fast food spots and pizzerias began offering meal delivery services. I was pretty sure this pandemic could last for another 2 years plus I would never need to eat the same thing very often. I thought this was the perfect way to spend a pandemic. I had all of our favorite shows and motion pictures, our fur baby, plus a cell cellphone that worked; plus then they added a meal delivery service. The pandemic didn’t bother myself and others as much as it did a lot of other folks.

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