The air conditioner in my old car finally went

My husband does not think the patch will last for long, but we will see

I do not know if it is luck or what, but my vehicles have always lasted me at least fifteen years. I have never once had to replace an engine or transmission. I have had to do some very minor repairs and maintenance but nothing major. I am very thankful for this. Last week, I finally had something quite major go on my eighteen year old truck and that was the air conditioning. I thought that my truck was simply going to last me forever, and it honestly still might. I had my husband try to charge the air conditioner to see if that was what was wrong, but it was not. It was nice because the charge had a blue dye in it so that we could see if there were any leaks in the line. At first, we did not see any leaks, and the charge only worked for a couple of hours, so we were confused. My husband bought another bottle of the charge with the dye, and this time he did see some blue dye leaking out. He said that he would try to patch the leak if he was able to reach it, and thank goodness, he was. He patched it, and so far, we have not had any trouble with the air conditioner in my old truck. My husband does not think the patch will last for long, but we will see. He told me to look online and see if I can find a new air conditioning line to replace the one he patched just in case the patch does not hold. I found one for a fair price, so I put it in my cart, but hopefully we will not end up needing it.

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We need air conditioning in our attic

I told my dad that we could finish the next morning when it would be cooler, but he wanted to finish it all in one day, so we continued to work through the misery

I have never liked cleaning, and I especially do not like cleaning my own house. About once a year, my dad goes through a super cleaning faze that lasts for about a week or so. He cleans the entire house. This includes every storage unit, closet, and room. When I still lived at home, I always hated that time of the year. Even though I have been out of my parents house for years, my dad asked me to come over and help him clean out the attic. At first, I was going to say no because it is very hot in our attic, and there is no air conditioning. Then, I remembered that I had quite a bit of stuff still stored in his attic, so I knew that I should help him clean. We started at six in the morning which is a good time because the attic is coolest at that time, but it took us quite a bit longer than we had hoped, and by the time eleven o’clock rolled around, we were dying of heat. I told my dad that we could finish the next morning when it would be cooler, but he wanted to finish it all in one day, so we continued to work through the misery. I have never wished that we had an air conditioning in our attic more than then. Even when I was a child and played up in the attic for hours, I never realized how hot it gets up there. We definitely need to get an air conditioner up there sometime soon!



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I am bringing my air conditioner camping this year.

Camping can be quite a blast if you know when to go.

Where my family and I live, there are only a few specific times of the year that you would want to go camping.

The summer months are much too hot, and the winter months are very rainy, so the springtime is really the best time to camp. It does rain occasionally, but not very much. It is usually in the eighties during the day and the seventies at night. I have never had any issues with the temperature when we go camping in the springtime. This year, my parents decided that it would be best to go camping in the summertime which is a total mistake. It will be so hot during the summer months. It reaches the hundreds during the day and does not drop below eighty at night. I just do not think that we will enjoy this camping trip as much as we did the others. I told my parents to bring a portable air conditioner with them, but they just laughed. I think they thought that I was joking, but I was being totally serious. It is going to be so hot, and they just do not think about that sort of thing. I for sure will be bringing my portable air conditioner. I do not want to ruin my camping trip by not sleeping at night. I would bet on the fact that my parents are for sure going to ask me to borrow my portable air conditioner or go buy one of their own after just the first night of camping. We will see, but I hope they choose to just take my advice and bring one.


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Our study room is so much colder without our space heater

I have been using a space boiler in my partner’s plus my study room for about a year now; Our study room has regularly been a little colder than the rest of the house, plus I don’t sleep that well in the cold.

I asked my partner if he would rather have a space boiler in there or a heated mattress pad.

For some reason, he did not want a heated mattress pad at all, so he told me to get a space heater. My good friend and I started using it, plus my associate and I got used to having our study room at about eighty degrees at night. My good friend and I sincerely slept so well with it that hot in our room. I almost wish that I would have never gotten that space boiler though because it broke last week, plus neither of use have been able to sleep legitimately well since. It is still around sixty-eight degrees in our study room without the space heater, however my associate and I are so used to it being eighty degrees in there that my associate and I freeze at night. I am not sure whether I should buy another space boiler or whether my associate and I should just try to get used to sleeping in a normal temperature. My partner votes that my associate and I get another space heater, although he is not a legitimately patient person, plus tends not to suppose of the long term consequences of things. He knows that, so he told me to make the decision on whether my associate and I should buy another space boiler or not. I am leaning towards not getting one because I know that if my associate and I ever have to sleep in a different room, my associate and I will not be able to sleep.


My Grandma burnt her condo down with a space heater

The cause of the fire was one of her space furnaces that she kept in the residing room.

My Grandma is a stubborn aged woman. She is a blast to be around because she is so funny. She does things sometimes that just crack me up. I wish that I could record some of the things that she says because I know that I will miss hearing them when she is gone. The funny thing is that she is stubborn about all of the wrong things! When it comes to good things, she is not legitimately stubborn, however when it comes to deranged things that she is set in her ways about, she is super stubborn, then for instance, she had been heating her condo with electric space furnaces for ten years, plus I tried to tell her that it was dangerous plus that she should stop using them. She refused to listen to me. She told me that she had been heating her condo with space boiler for ten years, plus she was not going to change. I warned her several times, however she regularly said the same thing plus continued to use her four electric space furnaces 24/7. I got a PC call about three weeks ago telling me that my Grandma’s condo had burnt to the ground. Thankfully, she was not dwelling at the time, plus no one was hurt. The cause of the fire was one of her space furnaces that she kept in the residing room. To this afternoon, she refuses to disclose that one of her space furnaces burnt her condo down. I don’t argue with her anymore about it because I know that she realizes her mistake. She is just too stubborn to disclose it.

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