I have many electric fans

My house was built by an eccentric man 80 years ago.  It is old and it is very difficult to heat and cool. I attribute the high ceilings, numerous large microsoft windows, and no duct system to the strange builder. Because I live in the northeast, heating takes precedence. We experience very long, chilled winters,… Read more I have many electric fans

Everyone is happy

About six years ago, my husband and I built our dream house, and we spent a lot of time determining the perfect floorplan. Because we are now living the northern region of the country, the heating system was a definite priority. We came up with the idea that a wood burning fireplace inside the master… Read more Everyone is happy

Looking forward to relaxation

When my air conditioner first started getting an odd noise, I should have  contacted an HVAC contractor about a repair. The cooling system rattled when it cycled on or turned off, but it continued to provide sufficient temperature control, so I ignored it. Since I was working extended shifts at work, I was rarely in… Read more Looking forward to relaxation

Central cooling unit

When we built our new house, we hired a contractor. The general contractor worked with us to  design the house and he also handled the entire construction system. During the build, he partnered with a trained electrician and certified plumber to guarantee the wires, pipes, and drains were installed properly. The general contractor didn’t consult… Read more Central cooling unit

My air is not clean

My spouse and I invested in a new heating and cooling system for our home a while ago. We had chosen to stick with a heat pump on the knowledgeable recommendation of a family friend and also the heating and cooling company we selected to perform the installation. Up until earlier this summer, my husband… Read more My air is not clean