The smartest thermostat

When I first heard my furnace making weird noises, I should have called an HVAC contractor immediately.  The furnace is eighteen years old and was definitely getting ready to quit. I’ve never liked the furnace, and was kind of hoping I’d be forced to replace it.  I didn’t want to spend money on a repair… Read more The smartest thermostat

Leaving for the night

My family and I go bowling almost every Wednesday. Usually it’s not overly crowded when we head over to our local alley. And we’ve come so often that pretty much everyone who works there seems to know our names! I don’t mind being regulars at all, especially since they’ve gone as far as remembering my… Read more Leaving for the night

Gas heating

When your profession is to be a photographer, shooting outdoors is a relative nightmare. The weather is rarely perfect and the environment is undoubtedly out of your control. In addition, the distractions are everywhere. Have you ever actually seen a photographer outdoors that was smiling as he took pictures? Yes, I didn’t quite think so!… Read more Gas heating

We’re all happy now

It’s not as easy as one might think when you’re a stay-at-home mom. You see, my fiance’s family insisted that this was the best way to raise our first child. But I’m convinced they don’t realize how hard it is to do in these times. And even though I do stay at home to care… Read more We’re all happy now

Looking over the heater

I decided to surprise my wife for her birthday this year with something she would never suspect.  I needed the help of her parents to pull it off though. We have been working on our house for a few years and the last major thing to be done was to replace the HVAC system. I… Read more Looking over the heater

A reasonable request

I like my fiance, I really do, and he annoys the crap out of me, but deep down I’m his biggest fan.  I’m stating this first and foremost, because I’m about to complain deeply about him and his obsessive nature.  When he gets interested in a new topic, there’s nothing you can do to pull… Read more A reasonable request