HVAC System At In-Laws

My wife and I live on the west coast. We reside in a big city. Because it is so expensive to buy a house, we are still renting. It is not the ideal situation, but it works for us. Last month we travelled to my wife’s hometown on the east coast. It is a small… Read more HVAC System At In-Laws

Smart Thermostat Problems

When my husband suggested that we make some upgrades to our home, I was really excited. I wanted a brand new kitchen, and new landscaping in the front yard. However, he did not mean getting really expensive upgrades, just small things around the house. I knew I would never get the kitchen of my dreams.… Read more Smart Thermostat Problems

Small Apartment

My new apartment is very small, but I love it. Everything is new and beautiful. The location is ideal and overlooks the ocean.  The apartment was tastefully designed, so I was happy to take it despite its size. All of the appliances are new and efficient, including my thermostat. It responds to all conditions; I… Read more Small Apartment

No happy medium

I recently started a new job in a city on the other side of the country.  I love working there; the job is everything I hoped for. I am an elementary school teacher and I have amazing students. The only thing that bothers me about my new job is the heating and cooling system. My… Read more No happy medium

The install for the heater

Our church is a charming destination for the homeless and those who are less fortunate; They have been diligently serving the bad and needy for over forty years in the heart of the city. The religious sisters that run the whole church program are known far and wide for their good hearts. They are honestly… Read more The install for the heater

The HVAC is busted

I went to a pretty aged university! Like actually, it happened to be a single of the oldest in the country! While some of the buildings were pretty modernized, others were not touched. The a single where I had the majority of my classes was not a single one of these current buildings… It was… Read more The HVAC is busted

The house HVAC unit

I recently got laid off from my job, plus had to do the unthinkable thing. Every single person’s worst nightmare… i had to move back house with my parents… Not only is this the most humiliating, but just horrible in so various other ways as well! After having lived out of their big old house,… Read more The house HVAC unit

HVAC makes a dent

I have constantly thought about things to improve this world that the two of us must reside in, but i was thinking, a single of the largest issues in this world happens to be air pollution, however we are polluting the world each plus everyday just by driving our cars, smoking cigarettes, and producing trash.… Read more HVAC makes a dent