It’s so cold in here

My friend bought a new home. I’m pretty excited for her, because it is the first time that he has owned anything. He has been working for months to save up l money to get a down payment on it. It had took him four long months to find the right place, but I think… Read more It’s so cold in here

My humidifier works quite well

Earlier this weekend was a big Fourth of July celebration. This is amongst my favorite holidays because people have barbecues inside the backyard and celebrated the birth our nation, the greatest country in the history of the world. The best part of the festivities, though, is the parades that occur in every state, both in… Read more My humidifier works quite well

Central air conditioner

Some time ago, when my daughter was a little baby, she used to fevers for no apparent reason. The doctor’s office used to reference them as, FUOs, which symbolizes Fevers of Unknown Origin. Most of the time, they did not worry me a lot of, mostly because her pediatrician stated they were nothing to stress… Read more Central air conditioner