Radon can cause cancer

It seems that everything causes cancer.  I didn’t realize that our current home plus the air inside it could put myself and others at risk of lung cancer.  I was sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s reading a magazine, when I came across an article about radon.  While I knew that radon was… Read more Radon can cause cancer

I’m not that happy

Several summers ago a close friend of mine invited me to go boating with him. He’s a reasonably wealthy guy, and he owns her own yacht. I had never been on the yacht before, so I was excited to see it! The first day out included, I got a little seasick. Well I really wasn’t… Read more I’m not that happy

I’m so nervous

Recently, I along with my husband have decided to build many of our home. This is been a goal of ours for decades, and we finally found the perfect piece of land to build it on. The land is in a really great location. It’s about 30 mins from a major city, and it’s also… Read more I’m so nervous