I am happy about this

Christmas is right around the corner, and I’ve really been trying to decide on all the gifts I want to give. Typically, I keep a list of gift ideas throughout the year. This helps me remember all of my great ideas when it finally comes time to make a purchase. This year, I got a… Read more I am happy about this

Zone control for a house

As someone who works from their loft as an independent caterer, I have quite the unusual set of needs from my central cooling system in the house, and especially while in the summers. That’s when it can get seriously sizzling and muggy outside, forcing me to close all of the windows to the apartment. That’s… Read more Zone control for a house

High blast for the heater

Growing up, our very number one site for us to be was our Grandma’s house. It was filled with so much care about plus laughter.  My Grandma spoiled us rotten; She was consistently baking frsh cookies plus buying us little toys. She would play games with us all day long, love card games plus long… Read more High blast for the heater

Working by writing HVAC

As an independent contractor, I get to set my own work hours.  No nine to five schedule for me. In fact, yesterday, during the middle of the day when most people are working, I stopped by my favorite book store at the mall and while I was there, I read a poll that reported findings… Read more Working by writing HVAC