Window ac is great

I recently fell in love.  It’s not a man or woman that I have fallen in love with.  I think I’m still too young for that. I am only a sophomore in college.  I chose to go to school in the south. I thought that living in the dorms would be a lot of fun,… Read more Window ac is great

Replacing the rusty a/c

My cousin and I have consistently been pretty handy when it comes to home improvement. Both of us loved shop classes in high school, and our families weren’t surprised at all that we both took on trade jobs while in university. We also both took jobs in the IT area, but we still like the… Read more Replacing the rusty a/c

Tickets to the event!

My partner plus myself easily went to an adoption event, plus ended up bringing a new puppy back to our beach condominium. Everyone of us believe our new puppy is easily the cutest animal that either of us have ever viewed. He runs around the beach condominium, plus likes to sleep right next to us… Read more Tickets to the event!

The next door heating system

Living in an apartment complex is wonderful in many ways, however it can get tiresome. I have a neighbor to my right who enjoys having her stereo play at maximum volume. My other neighbor below me seems to have a strenuous time keeping her comments to herself! Every other day she’ll come knocking on my… Read more The next door heating system

Selling top notch HVAC

I recently got a whole new task as a salesman for a beach house improvement contractor around my area. It was not my dream task, to be honest, however it was sort of fun. I didn’t expect to last long at all, figuring it would be a position that might last me the month or… Read more Selling top notch HVAC

AC for burn help

Did you ever get a sunburn so awful that you had to fall asleep sitting up because it hurts too much everywhere to touch anything? Have you had gotten such a awful sunburn on your face that you slather yourself with lotion only to find your skin bone dry as well as burning tepid five… Read more AC for burn help

This is beautiful!

We all have had vacations that turned out to be simply awful. The worst one I can recall is one that I never should have agreed to in the first place. Last June, my friends convinced me to join them on a two-week long trip.  I should have said no because they enjoy roughing it… Read more This is beautiful!