Ice keeping cold with a/c

We gave our son a choice of two activities to do for his birthday.  He could either have some friends over for a sleepover or take his two best friends to a local hockey game. I was really hoping he would choose the sleepover because the idea of spending hours in a frozen hockey arena… Read more Ice keeping cold with a/c


            I live in a quiet community and, except for their competitiveness, my neighbour are okay too. These people are so competitive, it is ridiculous. It is like everybody is constantly watching and trying to out-do the other. If one buys a new car, his nextdoor neighbour would have traded in his old car by… Read more NEW HVAC

The Joker of the Town

I live in a pretty small community where everybody not only knows everybody else’s name, but also all of their business as well. To say the folks in our little village are noisy would be an understatement, they need to know everything that’s going on and then talk to everybody else about it just for… Read more The Joker of the Town

The Cold Long Winter

I live in a brutally cold environment which hardly sees temperatures rise above fifty degrees during July and August. In the middle of winter on the other hand I have seen the wind chill get as low as sixty below zero! In extreme weather conditions such as these there are a few things to keep… Read more The Cold Long Winter

Vent placement

My boyfriend and I finally took that little leap and moved in together in June. We bought mostly all of the furniture new, but we kept my desk for the office and he insisted on keeping his bed. After sleeping on it a few nights I was surprised at how utterly uncomfortable this thing was.… Read more Vent placement

No a/c for the ice cream

My after-school job at the ice cream parlour is the absolute worst… I may not be the brightest bulb in the store despite the fact that I know it’s a wise decision to invest in some air conditioning during the dog days of the summer! My boss is a cheap, cheap man, however she refuses… Read more No a/c for the ice cream

The fireplace installation

All of us finally made the decision to make a few improvements to our home. We waited a really long time to re-graveled our driveway. After many years of cold plus thawing out, it was time to fill in the ruts that settled in permanently. All of us hired an acquaintance who works with stones,… Read more The fireplace installation