Networking Startup

To be successful in the business world, it is imperative that one makes meaningful relationships with other business professionals in the area. These relationships can be very beneficial when one is involved in any professional endeavor. An obvious way to meet new people is to be friendly and put yourself in the right situations where… Read more Networking Startup

The Games Must Go On

Growing up, I would spend hours on the computer playing games that my parents had bought for me. They came on floppy disks that my dad would insert into the computer, then eventually CD disks, then at some point the gaming software was all on the cloud. Originally the games were focused on helping children… Read more The Games Must Go On

Practicing my guitar

I was so happy! My birthday was last month and I received a brand new electric guitar. It was just the one I wanted too! I have been [playing guitar for over twenty years, so I wasn’t new to the music scene. Over the course of my life I had even played a few local… Read more Practicing my guitar

Getting the furnace checked

We live in a part of the country that experiences severely freezing winters. Both my wife and I have lived her since we got married about twenty years ago now, and I don’t ever see us leaving. Both my children are in college right now, however, and they still come home during school breaks, especially… Read more Getting the furnace checked

Mail and no a/c

For seventeen years I drove a mail truck. Then i was the only respected letter carrier & parcel delivery courier in the county, which sounds impressive until you find out how small & empty that county was. In the off season, it was merely part time work, but no one knew the ins outs and… Read more Mail and no a/c

Getting used to heating

If I had to go back in time to choose some place different to live, it would, without a doubt, be someplace warmer. I live in the Northeast now because I got a job here several years past. It was a major adjustment for me, because I grew up on the west coast, where temperatures… Read more Getting used to heating