This is confusing

My husband and I live with our four children out in the countryside. For the most part, we really enjoy most aspects of rural living, but there are a few problems with this lifestyle that seem to crop up from time to time. For example, although I enjoy that there are essentially no neighbours around,… Read more This is confusing

Sealing my camper

The A/C system in my camper has been running nonstop. It’s nearly 95 degrees outside, and the A/C runs no matter what. My wife and I had been on holiday for the past two weeks, and we still have a month to go in our camper. With this A/C system running as much as it… Read more Sealing my camper

Biking to work

My roommate and I are literally dying here in this awful humidity. We live in the north, so getting an air conditioner is like getting a heated pool. It might look nice and become a statement piece. But, you don’t need a heated pool. It would actually need to up space and be more expense… Read more Biking to work

This breeze feels awesome

My family has owned a beach home for at least the past thirty years on a secluded island. My parents fell in love near the beach and eventually got wedded there, so it was only natural they decided on purchasing a home there to boot. My brothers and I had been spending our summers at… Read more This breeze feels awesome