This is a big inconvenience

I just love to travel! The best part about traveling for me, is the amazing experience involving tasting and eating delicious cuisine from all over the world. I’ve traveled to many islands and foreign destinations that have views and attractions to die for and serve some of the best cuisine I’ve ever tasted. From spicy… Read more This is a big inconvenience

It’s scorching hot here

My son currently works for a moving company, and he is actually having trouble with the weather condition. No matter what happens, people still need to shift. His work doesn’t stop, even though of snow or rain, and triple digit heat outside. Yesterday was a miserable day, because it was extremely hot all morning, and… Read more It’s scorching hot here

Central air conditioning

Last weekend, my husband and I attended a wedding out associated with town. Two of our friends from college were having a wedding, and the event was going to be in a town several hours south. We were unsure how the weather would be that our. In our area, the temperatures usually have been in… Read more Central air conditioning