That was a lot of fun!

There are actually so many wonderful things I can remember about the time in which I attended high school. As a senior in high school, I had my second prom. I think I was pretty lucky, and I was excited to have one more amazing night with all my friends. My big prom group was… Read more That was a lot of fun!

I love these air vents

My hometown is a strange place. You wouldn’t believe that I was brought up in a little farming city of 10000 residents where it was still extremely acceptable to fly confederate flags, but believe it or not, this is my upbringing. I got out of that close-minded community around the age of 22, and going… Read more I love these air vents

I need to work on my home

I’m always thrilled to have improvements made to my own apartment, but lately they’ve been a little excessive. I realize that the building has been getting pretty old, but maintenance is practically destroying the whole place. Hardly a week goes by that we as tenants don’t receive some sort of notice of more work that… Read more I need to work on my home